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    Welcome to

    Jiaxing Xinhai Doors and Windows Accessaries Co.,Ltd

    Profession originates from concentration.

    We were established in 2002 (the former HAIYAN XINGHAI PLASTIC FACTORY), as a specialized manufacturer of a variety of types and styles of pile weather stripping for doors and windows. Our products are applicable for sealing of Doors and windows with excellent features like anti-wind, anti-dust, anti-noise and rainproof.

    The enterprise always adheres to quality first !

    excellence and customer satisfaction, focusing on development of more productive, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly products.

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    Possessing more than 20 production lines, advanced machine and technique supporting and 2000 square meters factory premise, the daily production capacity can reach to 300,000 meters.

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    And provide versatile solution for global partners within the solid doors and windows industry.

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