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    Plastic finned silicate weather strip

    Standard & Specification

    • A - Base Width

      Variate from 4mm to 25mm

    • B - Pile Height

      Variate from 5mm to 20mm

    • C - Base Thickness

      All spec: 0.8mm ± 0.15 mm

    • D - Pile Width

      6.9(4P): 2.9mm ± 0.3mm

      4.8(4P): 1.9mm ± 1.5mm

      2P2L: 1.45mm

      3P1L: 1.45mm / 3P2L: 2.1mm / 3P3L: 2.68mm

      4P2L: 2.3-2.5mm / 4P3L: 3.4mm / 4P4L: 4.2mm

      5P5L: 4.7mm / 5P4L: 4.4mm

    • E - FIN Height

      Same as pile height

      Higher than pile height

      Lower than pile height

      FIN material: plastic or fabric

    • F - Strip Length


    • G - Base Margin Width

      Variate according to base width & pile width

    product details


    Finned brush pile seals are an excellent product for all windows and doors, including patio doors. These weather stripping will reduce air and water infiltration. It will also effectively reduce noise from outside the home.


    ? Water-proof and sound-proof

    ? Structural integrity and consistency assures a tight seal against air and water infiltration

    ? 100% Recyclable

    ? Customized with more fins

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